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Dedicated Web Hosting Servers

Advanced Dedicated Server Hosting

The stability and high performance of Dedicated Server Hosting are important for every website. Resellers Panel offers 24/7 server maintenance.


Dedicated Hosting Packages

Resellers Panel provide several dedicated plans - Budget Dedicated hosting, Value Dedicated hosting or Premier Dedicated hosting. All of them come with the latest Quad Core Intel processors, great deal of RAM and storage space.


Dedicated Hosting Reseller

Panel.com. WHM reseller hosting program will allow you to purchase a dedicated server or a VPS at a very low price. Then, thanks to the many management and billing tools you are provided with, you will be able to split the resources of your server, and sell them to your clients.


Business Dedicated Hosting Packages

Searching for a way to make additional profit? -Resellers Panel WHM reseller hosting program allows you to purchase a dedicated server at low price, separate the server resources into smaller hosting packages and then sell them to your clients.


Linux Dedicated Servers

If you need a dedicated hosting of your own, ResellersPanel provides several Dedicated hosting plans. Each of these servers will provide you with more than enough resources to host any number of domains or power hungry sites.


Dedicated Reseller Solutions

With the dedicated hosting solution, you lease a whole hosting server whose resources will be used solely by your websites.